AuVert Technology

The Science Behind the Revolution

The AuVert Plant

Our operations are centered on a technologically advanced, closed system that scrubs processing water on board and recycles it. We call it the AuVert Plant.

Input: Alluvial Deposits

Even heavy clay is no match for the AuVert Plant, all free gold ore types are supported with industry leading processing technology.

Input: Water

State of the art water clarification systems recirculate the process water. Using far less water than traditional methods lessens the impact on the community.

Input: Talent

Local operators are trained to supervise and manage the feed into the AuVert Plant.

Output: Precious Metals

Minute gold and platinum dust are recovered easily by this process. Efficiency far exceeds traditional mining technologies.

Output: Clean Water & Soil

Water & soil released by the plant are ready for reclaimation. No settling pond is needed, and most residual free elemental mercury has been safely captured.

Output: Prosperity

Skilled workers in safe working conditions improve the local economy and stimulate growth.
The Technical Details

AuVert P200 Plant for
Placer Mining

The P200 maximizes recovery and minimizes environmental impact and security risks.
The P200 model is currently our largest plant and is capable of throughput up to 230 m3/h*. Leveraging the advantages of industry leading manufacturers AuVert builds a unique plant able to maximize the recovery of precious metals while maintaining our environmentally friendly standards. State of the art water clarification systems recirculate the process water which means a minimum requirement of only 70 to 140 US Gallons per minute of make up water. The plant uses a hands-off secure concentrate storage system to ensure safe and secure handling of the product.
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* The throughput of the Production 200 may vary with the condition of the feed material.

P200 Fast Facts

230 m3/h*
Typical Mining Throughput
70 gallons/min
Minimum Make Up Water
Communities Reinvented

AuVert P20F Plant for
Community Mining

The P20F Plant is designed for placement in a small population center to support regional artisinal mining.
The P20F Plant uses all of the same technology that's available in the P200 Plant, however the P20F Plant is designed to be stationary. Local miners deliver feed material (alluvial or hard rock) to the P20F Plant, where it's processed to deliver high yield precious metals. The miners are compensated directly for whatever they bring in. AuVert maintains the P20F Plant, but the local community leadership operates it on their own terms. The P20F Plant is not just for precious metal recovery. It will also produce washed sand & gravel for use in construction or cement, and the clay reclaimed from the water clarifier may be suitable for brick manufacturing. A community can build up several industries aroud the P20F plant as a central hub, and bring further propserity to local residents. Because the yields are so high compared to artisinal alluvial mining, the incentive to leave behind the dangerous practice is strong. The P20F Plant is the key to rebuilding a community that is entrenched in unsafe artisinal mining practices.
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