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Mercury-Free Resource Recovery & Reclamation

Low Impact, High Yield with
AuVert Technology

Our technology is different. The AuVert patented process extracts natural resources without the use of mercury or other toxic chemicals.
Extraction of metals using mercury is a dangerous way of doing things. And it's left scars on local communities. When large-scale traditional mining moves on, the damage left behind is more than skin deep. Communities are left with contaminated soils and rivers. The land is stripped and not usable for agriculture. Fish cannot be eaten and mothers can't breastfeed their babies for fear of poisoning them. But it doesn't have to be this way. Our technology is not only able to extract precious metals from previously mined sites with much higher levels of efficiency, it's also able to reclaim harmful elemental mercury that other operations left behind. We have the technology to do it right.


People First

Serious, life-long medical conditions are related to mercury pollution caused by traditional large-scale or small-scale artisinal mining operations. AuVert's technology does not require the use of mercury, and increases yields to make small-scale mining a decent living.


Clean Water

Our technology recycles process water on-board to eliminate discharge of silt and turbid water into rivers. Turbidity negatively impacts fish and aquatic life and turns rivers brown. By recycling process water, we are reducing water usage and lessening impact on the environment.



Once we process old mining sites, we have removed most of the free mercury left behind and restored the land surface for future use. We work with communities to reclaim land for future agriculture or ranching needs, or restore it to premining status.
The AuVert Difference

We use modern technology to achieve high yields and reclaim sites safely

AuVert uses a closed system that recirculates water so it doesn't produce unecessary waste. On average, our approach uses 77% less water than traditional methods. And it doesn't require mercury or other toxic chemicals, so the water supply won't end up contaminated and unsafe for the community. When the site has been contaminated by prior mining activies, our technology can reclaim 93% of residual elemental mercury waste (average). That reclamation happens simultaneously with ongoing precious metal extraction. AuVert Plants are cleaning everything in their path, all while extrating valuable resources, for an exceptionally efficient result.
The Power of Modern Technology

Our Technology  AuVert Impact
The Impact is Real

AuVert's Ethical Mining
Changes Lives

Communities depend on recovering natural resources for their livelihoods. AuVert employs local staff to ensure that people can feed their families safely.
Small-scale artisinal miners put their lives and health at risk by exposing themselves to unsafe conditions, and add to the risk for the community as a whole. But they may not realize what is causing the problems, or they may have no choice. When AuVert engages with a community, we train local residents to manage operations and operate our equipment. These skills are invaluable start toward a more stable life.
Community Driven Growth

The AuVert P20F Plant
Empowers Communities

Our smaller scale stationary P20F plant provides the foundation for artisinal miners to safely process ore with much higher yields.
For remote villages, artisinal mining is a way of life. The negative health and environmental conseuqences are well known, but miners may have no other way to feed their families. The P20F plant is changing that story. Installing a P20F plant in a village provides a foundation for artisinal miners to earn a better, safer living. The P20F plant can process precious metal ore from alluvial or hard rock sources at much higher yields than artisinal mining, and it's deigned to remove elemental mercury from the ore (if present). As added value, it will also produce washed sand & gravel for use in construction. Operations are handled by each village, empowering communities to create opportunities that go beyond mining.
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A Revolution in Resource Recovery

Eco-Friendly Efficient Alluvial Mining

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