The AuVert Impact

Changing the Story

How AuVert Impacts Communities

Environmental Preservation

We do no harm, but it goes beyond that. We also repair much of the damage left by others through reclamation of elemental mercury waste. Reclamation is an integrated part of our system.

Community Involvement

Our approach is designed to improve the quality of life for local residents. Each site plan is tailored through consultations with community leaders to meet specific goals for the future.

Training & Local Jobs Creation

For small-scale, artisinal miners that spend backbreaking days in dangerous conditions for a few dollars a day, AuVert offers a path to a more secure life through training and job creation.

Local Prosperity & Growth

The AuVert Plant is a hub from which a community can easily expand into other enterprises such as concrete and masonry to support ongoing growth. Communities decide for themselves.
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